9 Highest paying jobs for millennials according to a survey

Hunt for a job that pays highest seems more daunting than getting into college. For the millennial cohort, this is a bit more difficult. But the researches have proved that careers of millennial can be most promising than others. Being the most educated generation thus far, millennial a does have to make a tough run for the highest paying job too.

The issue with finding a suitable career is that there are not many indicators of good paying careers for millennial. According to Business Insider, following is the list of highest paying jobs for a millennial because they value money above everything else.

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Financial Advisor:

A financial advisor is a career for a millennial that is most suitable. A financial advisor assists clients devising their financial plans with the help of information regarding tax, securities, insurances etc. The unemployment rate is 2% among the financial advisors.

Median Salary: $89,160

Average Salary: $118,050


People who analyze the information data including the mortality rates, disabilities, sickness, liability for payment of future benefits etc. are known as Actuaries. The unemployment rate for them is low as 0.8%.

Median Salary: $97,070

Average Salary: $110,560

Software Developer:

A software developer is responsible for research, design, compilers etc. The unemployment rate among such employees is 2%.

Median Salary: $98,260

Average Salary: $102,160

Computer system analyst:

The duties of a computer system analyst involves working on the data processing problems,  engineering, business, science as well as improving computer systems. The unemployment rate is 2.4%.

Median Salary:  $85,800

Average Salary: $90,180

Mechanical Engineer:

This field involves designing of tools, engines, and machines. A mechanical engineer also oversees the installation, operation, repair, and maintenance of the equipment. The unemployment rate is 1.6%.

Median Salary: $83,590

Average Salary: $ 88,190

Environmental Engineer:

An environmental engineer performs the duties for prevention, control, and remediation of the ecological threats. The unemployment rate is 0.8%.

Median Salary: $84,560

Average Salary: $88,040

Radiation Therapist:

Reviewing prescriptions and diagnoses of patients is performed by a radiation therapist. The job also involves preparing the equipment, maintaining records and reports. The unemployment rate is 1.7%.

Median Salary: $80,220

Average Salary: $84,460

Operations Research Analyst:

The duty of an operations research analyst involves application of the mathematical modeling along with other techniques to develop and interpret the information.

The unemployment rate is 2.6% among the operations research analysts.

Median Salary: $78,630

Average Salary: $84,180


The analysis and recording of the financial information, maintain asset record, profit, losses, and liabilities regarding an organization or an individual. The unemployment rate is 2.5%.

Median Salary: $67,190

Average Salary: $75,280

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