9 great skills to add to your resume

It’s hard to ignore the importance of having a good resume. There is no doubt that first impressions count, and a first impression that an employer will have of you depends a lot on how you present your resume. The only one chance to capture a potential employer’s attention is your resume. And for your resume not to be tossed into the file of those which employers don’t want to pursue, you need to make it stand out from the rest.

A resume that is easy to read, free of typos, and features great relevant experience will set you apart from the rest of the applicant pool if you wisely add some skills to it at the bottom. Following are few of the relevant skills that can be a good addition to your resume.

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  • Adobe Photoshop: Photo editing or graphic design can be a good choice if you want to pursue a creative career. This course requires a basic understanding of the Photoshop and comprise of 88 short lectures. The courses give all the information regarding sharpening images to layering techniques.


  • Spanish or other foreign language: Learning new language is like rewiring your brain. People who know more than one language are more desirable for certain jobs. This is a good course for all such interested candidates.


  • Web Development: Web development is valuable for various career options. In this course the instructor Colt Steele explains the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is an extremely good source of knowledge for beginners.


  • Microsoft excel: This course is for people who work in finance and spend most of their time analyzing information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This course provides basic knowledge, teaches formulas and some VBA work.


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  • WordPress: WordPress is important for everyone who works for a website. Mastering WordPress can prove as a good starting point as this course provides perfect knowledge to understand basics.


  • Public Speaking: Speaking in front of public is a great skill and learning how to be confident and collected at that time is an art. This public speaking course is a good opportunity for all such people who are interested in acquiring this skill.


  • SEO: Search-engine optimization is a great tool for anyone whose job measures success with shares, clicks, and likes. This course by Abdul Wali provides people a good opportunity to learn whatever is needed to execute a high-trafficking article or successful social media campaign.


  • Product Management: Instructor Charles Du in this course helps to create a successful product. He was a great help in launching NASA’s first app so the information given by him in this course is something not to be missed at all.


  • Google Analytics: Getting enrolled for a course in Google Analytics is a real smart move. After learning to optimize your articles and campaigns, you need a way to record and analyze your results. This course makes people understand site’s demographics along with providing them with a lot more information.


Via: Business Insider


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