9 best LinkedIn jobs for college students

Most of the young people who get out of college start their careers with informal jobs like baby-sitting; mowing lawns etc. they look for these minor jobs among their friends and family. They keep on asking people to find the better chance to get hired so much that it becomes overwhelming at times. Because of the lack of proper guidance, they fail to choose well from the options available to them.

For all such people who are confused over their selection of job right after college, following is a list compiled by LinkedIn of the jobs that are going to be of greater value this year

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Account Manager:

Median Salary: $67,000

An account manager is a person who is responsible for managing sales and relationships with particular customers in an organization. They have a duty of maintaining the organization’s existing relationships with clients so that they continue using its services.

Business Analyst:

Median Salary; $72,000

For analyzing an organization or a business domain, business analysts are often hired. They are responsible for assessing the business models for an organization.

Research Assistant:

Median Salary: $34,500

These are the jobs that are usually given on temporary basis. An academic research is required by the research assistants and is paid for their effort.

Marketing Coordinator:

Median Salary: $45,000

A marketing coordinator is required to coordinate the marketing activities of its marketing team an assisting them with day to day marketing tasks. They are responsible for production of the branded items and for a whole lot of other services.

Financial Analyst:

Median Salary: $65,000

Financial analysts are not less than a fortune teller for the companies and organizations; they guide people and companies in making investments. Their information is based on the stock market, investment portfolios, and the company’s annual reports and plans for making investments.


Median Salary: $57,000

For an organization, a recruiter’s role is to hire employees by researching for performing various jobs in an organization.

Account Executive:

Median Salary: $75,000

People who are responsible for advertising and analyzing business accounts are hired as Account executives.

Administrative Assistant:

Median Salary: $ 38,600

The duties of an administrative assistant revolve around managing and distributing information within an organization.

Software Engineer:

Median Salary: $95,000

Software engineers design and write programs for computers and compiles software using methods to improve it further.

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