7 skills that are important for getting future jobs and humans can perform better than AI and Computers

Although the success for humans is considered possible only by collaborating with the computers while specializing in what they do best but humans alone are still better at some things. The strength of computers lies in speed and accuracy while human strength is all about flexibility. As the world of work is changing, soon humans will be valued for the skills that they possess. But how do you make sure what those skills would be?

Luckily there are many jobs that require additional human qualities, therefore, technology wants to create robots that resemble more as humans. But flexibility is one thing that robots cannot possess and this is used in many forms by humans. Following are the few skills that are considered important for future jobs:

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Having physical skills:

The robots are being no doubt created to perform some of the very difficult physical work that tires humans faster but still there are numerous physical tasks that they cannot perform. From crafting to sports, any kind of physical skill will help you stay prepared for the jobs in the future.

The ability of imagination:

This is something robots are not going to take over in their lifetime. Because imagination and vision is something that has been gifted to humans and then it can become part of the brain of any self-created robot. Therefore, all the jobs related to activists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors, or speakers are never going to be out of demand in the future

Managing and maintaining robots:

Maintaining robots and every kind of technology is a skill that humans possess the best. Humans are always going to be needed for designing, planning, and maintaining the newly created technology. The more familiar you will be with the changing technology, the more demand you will have in the future.

Providing overall strategies:

Although, many tools have been developed to perform the marketing practices but they cannot provide the overall strategy that is required to give meaning and relevance to an individual task. This job requires strategic thinking which is only possible through a human mind. Improving this skill means being saved from the fears of not having a job in the future.

Creative work:

Computers can easily do the physical stuff but they are not meant to perform anything that involves creativity. It is because being creative requires your mind to make your own choices which robots cannot do. So if you have any kind of creative skill such as writing, painting, entrepreneurship, etc. then you have all the chances to stay hired in the future.

Making critical decisions:

No matter how much the AI develops, computers can never be good at critical thinking. This is a skill that only humans possess as they take the risks no matter how horrible the situation is without fearing for the result.

Empathy and communication:

Even though computers are making strides towards effective computing, there won’t be any technology created that can genuinely recognize the human emotions. So any job such as care physicians, caregivers, or therapists, will always demand humans to perform the tasks.

Via: Forbes

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