6 ways to teach your kids to become effective leaders

Leaders are known to be expert at persuading others to follow them but it doesn’t mean that they pressurize other people. They have the ability to persuade others for efficiently describing the benefits and logic of an idea to gain agreement. This means that everyone should be persuasive in life as it is critical in any business or career. This is the reason that makes people successful in their professions.

Following are the ways that you can teach your kids to become effective leaders too:

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Bring up the importance of small accomplishments:

According to research, gaining argument has a durable effect. Therefore, teach your kids to start with statements that they know their audience will agree with instead of jumping right to the end of a discussion. This will help them to build a foundation for further agreement.

Teach them to be fearless:

People naturally get attracted when leaders stand by their opinions and show enthusiasm. Your kids can learn the same if you teach them to eradicate “I think” or “I believe” from their speech. Tell them that if they think they can do something, then they should just say that they can do it instead of adding qualifiers to their speech.

Adjustment of the rate of speech:

The speed with which leaders speak has a reason behind it. It is because studies indicate that if your audience is likely to disagree with something then speak faster. But if your audience is likely to agree with something, then speak slower. There is a reason behind this as when your audience is likely to disagree, speaking fast would give them lea time to concentrate on their own thoughts. But if the audience is likely to agree, then speaking slowly will give them the time to evaluate their own thoughts. The combination of a speaker’s arguments and their own thinking will persuade them to be more likely to agree on something. Teach your kids to speak fast if their audience is neutral or apathetic and to speak slowly otherwise.

Teach them positive-outcome statements:

The positive-outcome statements are considered to be more persuasive then the scare tactics. Teach your kids to focus on the positives if they want to create a change, they should make their audience feel better not to make them feel disappointed for the rest of the day.

Teach them to be right:

Persuasive people know that just framing and delivering a message is not enough, the message itself matters the most. So teach your kids to be clear, concise, and that their reasoning, data, and conclusions are beyond approach.

Teach them to share kinds of outcomes:

Teach your kids to be able to meet the objections head on and make them aware of the things that other people might be considering on their own. You need to teach them to discuss the potential negatives and to show how to overcome all the issues.

Via: Business Insider

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