6 useful business books to read this summer for improving knowledge

In order to survive in a world of constant change, you need to constantly update your knowledge and one of the best ways of doing it is by reading. Whether you want to learn about highly successful business people or gain some practical career advice, there are so many valuable and interesting books that can provide you with the knowledge.

Good business books are not easy to find but following are listed some really useful ones that can help you develop knowledge to improve yourself, your company, and people who work for you.

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  • Bad Blood:

Author: John Carreyrou

This is the story of once regarded as the world’s hottest medical device startup Theranos. The founder and CEO of the startup, Elizabeth Holmes was widely seen as the Steve Jobs who was considered to revolutionize the medical industry with a machine. It was considered that it would make blood testing significantly faster and easier. But the technology failed and was revealed as the biggest corporate fraud.

  • Brotopia:

Author: Emily Chang

In this book, the author has explained that for women, Silicon Valley is not a fantasy land of unicorns instead it is a place where men hold all the cards and are responsible for making all the rules.

  • Dream Teams:

Author: Shane Snow

Written by the award winning entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow, the books takes you on an adventure through history, psychology, neuroscience, and business. It explains what separates groups that simply get by together from those that get better together.

  • Principles:

Author: Ray Dalio

In this book the author describes the developed principles that he developed over forty years. He refined and used them in his own life and came out with unique results in both personal as well as professional life. These are the principles that can be adopted by any organization or an individual to help achieve their goals.

  • The Meaning Revolution:

Author: Fred Kofman

The author is an advisor of Leadership at Google and reveals that the strongest driver of motivation is the chance to serve a larger purpose beyond your career and yourself.

  • Own it:

Author: Sallie Krawcheck

This book is basically a career guide for women that includes the anecdotes from the life of Sallie Krawcheck. She has written the book for a new era of feminism and has offered women a new set of rules for achieving professional success.

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