6 Traits that harm your ambition

In the human history, this generation has more access to opportunities than any other. The new era has brought an unlimited amount of productive ways towards which you can direct your intelligence, passion, and attentiveness. But at the same time, there is an equal amount of distractions pulling them away from their ambitions. These, unfortunately, have become the daily habits of most of the people which hold them back from achieving success. They are unknowingly habitually doing these activities and have become part of their routine.

Following are the few barriers that stop people from attaining their desires:

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1. Getting involved in repetitive tasks:

For achieving success, you need to be motivated by the challenges. But when you get stick in repetitive tasks than you become unmotivated and fall behind.

2. Weak feedback response:

Most people do not like feedback because of which they don’t consider that they need improvement. This keeps them away from achieving their goals. But high achievers always respond well to the feedback. It is because feedback is the only way they get to know about their performance.

3. Fixed mindset:

When people have static beliefs, they become unable to progress. You need challenging tasks in order to go forward. You need to take risks where you intelligence and ability gets questioned and you answer it properly. In order to be smart, you need to challenge yourself and not to give up easily.

4. Preferring few things over others:

In life, you have to prefer few things over the rest because you cannot give attention to everything at the same time. This may make you feel guilty about the things you have ignored. But you need to ignore some of the things in order to achieve what is most important.

5. Feeling successful or a complete failure:

There are times when you feel confident and successful or consider yourself a complete failure. The feelings of being responsible of the setbacks may make you hypocritical about anything. This may go to an extreme that it sabotages your desire to go forward. In order to be successful, high achievers have to learn to deal these feelings and learn from them.

6. Delegating properly:

People who are high achievers have set high standards for themselves. This makes them unable to hand over their tasks to other people. They remain unable to properly make others understand what they actually want and it stands as an obstacle to their success.

Via: Forbes

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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