6 things you should never take for granted in life

Struggles are a part of life but things become worse when we dwell over the challenges. We forget to appreciate the things that are present in our life and remain miserable over the things that we have lost. But true happiness does not exist in the past or in the future, it exists in the moment we are living. Unfortunately, many of us forget to remind our self that we should be thankful for numerous things that are present in our lives.

There are few things we should never take for granted in life:

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The freedom to live:

In this world, freedom is something most valuable but we mostly ignore it. When you have no deadlines ordering you how to live your life, then you should value it. Majority of the people around the world are dying to get the freedom to live their live the way they want to.

Your abilities:

Getting rejected make us feel useless and it pulls us down from every aspect of our life. Don’t lose hope and motivation because of the setbacks, keep your purpose of existence, and improve on the abilities that you have. Master the skills that you are good at as they may change your life for better.

Value your parents:

Our parents teach us from taking our first steps to speaking our first words. But these are the people we often take for granted the most. When we progress in our life, we often leave them behind but what we don’t realize is that they won’t be around forever. The relationship you will build with them now is all you are going to be left with in your life. Be kind to your parents and take care of them as they took care of you when were a child.

The energy you have:

Mistakenly we take our energy as never ending and forever. So we keep on wasting our energy on useless things. You need to learn how to stay away from things and people who drain your and care about the people who truly care for you in return.


At a young age, we think that it is not difficult to make friends and new relationships. But lasting relationships are developed overtime. As we grow old, establishing new kinds of bonds is often harder. So give attention to the friends you already have so that they never leave you in life.

Your Wellbeing:

As we get old, out body become less efficient on resisting and recovering from injuries. Our immune system becomes weak and we easily get caught up with illnesses. Therefore do not take your health for granted and take care of your diet and get the right amount of exercise. Get a good night sleep and live longer.

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