6 Benefits of being an early riser

Waking up early in the morning is hard as it is not easy to beat the inner voice that keeps telling us to embrace the warm duvet and cool pillow. But if you show control and discipline, you will be surprised to know that it has been strongly correlated with success. Waking up early gives you more time in a day and makes you feel more accomplished.

Along with indescribable bliss of the morning tranquility, following are the benefits rising early can provide you:

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1. Greeting a wonderful day:

Once you create a morning ritual, you love being able to get up and be thankful for your blessings. You realize the importance of precious life you have been given and are fortunate to wake up healthy every day. You devote all your energy to developing yourself, accepting others, and being kind to others.

2. Getting a good start:

When you jump out of the bed for being late and rush to work, you are not able to either eat a good breakfast or even dress up properly. You crash into the office looking rumpled and barely awake. That makes you grumpy and you stay behind everyone else no matter how much you work during the day. But once you become an early riser, you accomplish so much more and get a great start to your day.

3. Getting some peacetime:

Early morning is a time of the day when you can enjoy some peaceful hours. You can use this time for reading or meditation. This is the time you can truly enjoy with yourself and it will give you all the energy you need to perform your daily tasks.

4. Eating a good breakfast:

When you get up early, you have enough time to prepare a healthy breakfast for yourself instead of devouring a simple croissant or a bagel. You enjoy your meal with a little extra time and eating a healthy breakfast keeps your body active.

5. Most productive time of the day:

Morning time is the most productive time of the day; it helps you complete your work faster because there are no distractions. When you start your work early, you get so much more done than usual and can spend quality time with your family as well.

6. Meeting early appointments:

In the office, appointments are often made earlier and when you reach late it sends a bad signal to the person you are meeting. Showing up early helps you to deal all such appointments on time by being prepared even before people arrive.

Via: Business Insider

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