5 ways you can use summers to be more productive

Summers can be most productive

As the summers arrive, most of the people become accustomed to the inevitable summer slow-down. Because of the holidays, important people aren’t available because of which the projects stall, you wait for fall to roll around, and a general sense of lassitude begins to creep in. However, summers don’t have to be like that at all. According to experts, in a cold weather, your brain is wired to focus on leisure and makes you sluggish and inefficient. But summer can help you to get ahead of the game by being more productive.

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Following are the ways you can use summers to be more productive:

  • Plan ahead before everyone arrives:

When you reach an empty office ahead of everyone in summers, you can use this time to reflect on your career goals. The empty office will provide you the peace of mind to focus on better and take advantage of every minute.

  • Volunteer for tasks:

Unlike winters, in summers you don’t feel going home early and hide yourself under the covers. Instead, you feel more tempted towards family picnics or quality time spent with friends. But you can keep these tings as rewards of your short-term goals. Spend the rest of the time in being proactive and volunteering for projects or company events. Show your teammates that you know how to stay focused and accomplish tasks much faster.

  • Opt for a flexible schedule:

In summers, days get longer and sometimes the stretched hours make you feel extremely tired and frustrated. Ask your management for a flexible schedule and finish the tasks that have been assigned to you in that time. It will provide you much relaxation and you will make you more active and disciplined.

  • Do not extend the deadlines:

According to experts, the more you extend the deadlines for your work, the more complicated it gets. Therefore, use Parkinson’s Law and cut the time in half that you have allotted for your tasks. It will help you concentrate on one task at a time and put in all your effort. In this way, you will complete the tasks faster and will experience less stress.

  • Stay hydrated throughout:

You might think that lower temperature improve your productivity therefore, you constantly remain alert about the thermostat of the room you are working in. But along with keeping the temperatures cool, you need to keep your body cool through drinking more water. You need to be careful about how much you drink water as it stops your mental and energy levels to suffer.


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