5 ways you can lose credibility and influence

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There is a crisis taking place all around the world and it’s not any widespread disease or any political distress, it is the crises of credibility. This is the credibility crisis that is attacking leaders around the world. People are losing credibility because they are not consistent and adapting to behaviors that are costing them their reputation at work. You may not even know but you might be suffering from this crisis.

If you are following any of these behaviors, they might seem harmless to you but they can bring a lot of impact on your success at work:

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Running after perfectionism:

There are so many times when you consider running after perfectionism is the only way to succeed. But perfection is impossible and you can never actually achieve it. This thought makes you lose your energy. It prevents you to ask a question which leads you to some of the common mistakes. You need to ask for help with the things that you cannot do. It does not make you weak or incompetent in any way rather it makes you aware of your weaknesses and strengths.

Being irresponsible of your actions:

One of the biggest things that bring harm to your career is not taking responsibility for your actions. When you commit mistakes and you blame someone else for what went wrong, you actually lose your own credibility. It hurts your trustworthiness and damages your reputation. Therefore, own up your mistakes and admit what you did. Instead of avoiding it, offer suggestions on how to rectify it.

Not following through promises:

You lose trustworthiness in the eyes of your colleagues and bosses when you don’t stick to your promises. If you feel like not being able to meet the deadlines of the promises that you have made, explain your situations and ask for help. Ask for an extension before it’s too late.


For a successful person, it is important to make use of the available resources and do not care how horrible the circumstances are. But you lose credibility when you complain for things not being right and resources are not enough. Instead think about making use of whatever is available or if required, complain in a constructive manner.

Being negative:

It is natural to have bad mood during some of the stressful hours of your work day. But showing it to others is unprofessional and makes you look immature. Your mood effects how you are perceived and damages the quality of your work. Therefore, stay positive and remain hopeful for the better things to come. Staying in a good mood will make you become more productive and will keep you energetic all day long.


About the Author:

Hisham Sarwar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Being Guru. You can follow him on Facebook.

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