5 ways to stop overthinking and make yourself lighter

Thinking too much can trap your brain into a worry cycle where you find yourself going round-and-round over a single issue. It can deprive you of your sleep as mistakes from the past act as a plague to your mind. It is worrying for things that might never happen as you dwell over the things that already have. As you think more, you hold back more tears and this can become the worst reality in your mind. As your brain never slows down or shuts off, you get both physically and emotionally exhausted.

If you feel the burden of negative thoughts, following are the ways to make yourself lighter.

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Stop guessing:

Sometimes because of the actions of people around, you create certain scenarios in your mind. You dwell into the thoughts of why they didn’t like you or why you were not appreciated for your work. Whereas in reality, people are more concerned about themselves and have no time to think about your inadequacies. So you should stop think what others think of you and focus on doing the things you think are right.

Do not blame yourself:

Blaming yourself for not being perfect makes you your own worst enemy. Judging yourself by overanalyzing things creates negativity. Just free yourself from the thoughts of being perfect and understand that making mistakes is necessary to be wise in life.

Stay active:

Thinking a lot about things can stop you in your tracks and you fail to move forward in life. When you find yourself getting engaged into repetitive thoughts, stand up and go outside for a walk. When you will get attentive towards other things, the negative thoughts will leave you and positive will have more room to flourish.

Accept yourself:

Everyone has flaws but the problem arises when you try to change things which are out of your control. So embrace yourself with all your flaws, work on the weaknesses and leave the rest. It is essential for you to accept yourself for who you are and think about making better changes.


You can easily get disappointed when things do not turn the way you want them. The long wait creates frustration which turns into depression and anxiety. Be patient with the process of nature and instead of pushing things the wrong way; divert your attention towards something useful.

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