5 ways to nurture personal growth

In the words of Miguel Ruiz you don’t need to change the world; you only need to change yourself. It is because change begins closer to home by supporting your personal growth. This impacts not only your life but also the lives of those around you due to its ripple effect. The nurturing process is akin to nurturing a seed that blossoms into an exquisite flower but if the process if cut short, it will not reach its full potential. A persistent action is required for personal growth so that you can diligently transform your former self.

Following are the strategies that can help you nurture the process of personal growth:

Learn to trust:

The process of personal development begins with trust. You need to trust you’re the people you turn to for support, trust that you were created for a purpose, your authenticity, what you feel you need even if it feels counterproductive.

Find the purpose:

When it comes to personal development, you need to dig deeper for uncovering the things that hold you back. You must understand what your fears are and put them aside for moving forward. You need to realize that this is your journey that you have to cover and do everything to make your dreams a reality.

Acknowledge the feelings:

You need to be truthful to yourself when feelings of guilt and resentment rise on the surface. By ignoring your emotions you will allow the threats to get a grip on you. By deeply feeling these emotions, you will allow them to teach you and throw out the insecurity. Once you accept your emotions; you will realize that you will be able to speak with compassion, understanding, and strength.

Remain open to new possibilities:

You cannot develop into the person you want to be if you give importance to assumptions. Assumptions make you feel as your life is not taking the right directions. Therefore, you need to remain open to new possibilities, new tools, and new ideas for personal growth. Remain prepared for the fact that the new possibilities may change or surprise you. Pay attention to the tiny little voice in your head that constantly tells you what you need.

Have patience:

The process of growth is slow and takes time more than you have in mind. It makes it feel extremely slow when you have goals in mind. Therefore, have patience and don’t beat yourself for mistakes or moving too slowly. Also, don’t judge yourself with someone else’s measures and feel good about your own process because it gives you a million reasons to learn more.

Personal growth is a continuous journey where every day differs and makes you experience a greater version of yourself. It leads you to become a person you are destined to become and leads you into different directions with greater lessons contained within those experiences.