5 ways to learn about yourself and develop a growth mindset

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As a human being, you have an amazing potential to accept and conquer the new challenges. But to thrive in this era it is in your best interest to adopt a growth mindset and learn more about yourself. You need to believe that your intelligence is not innate and even after earning a diploma or an advanced degree, you need to continuously get involved in the learning process.

Following are the ways with which you can continuously learn more about yourself and develop a growth mindset:

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Be curious:

You may not even see it but your curiosity is something that actually helps you to grow. Children grow when they explore the things around and experience things without any fear of failure. This helps them to learn more about the things and about their own ability to handle those things. Until children grow into complete adults, they are in a state of constant observation. They explore again and again and learn more and that is what takes them forward. Therefore, become curious to learn about yourself, your strength, your weakness, and the way you will react in certain situations. This will help build confidence and you will develop an attitude of self-awareness and will improve as you move forward.

Explore your fears:

When you are attached to something that results in either failure or success, you work hard just because you fear the failure. It happens when you try to learn something new. But you need to accept the anxiety that is attached to it and should make an effort to overcome it. You need to learn about these fears emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Think about the payoffs:

When you learn more about yourself, it might be a little anxiety-inducing. But the payoffs will make you feel stronger personally as well as professionally. You may feel a waste of time and money to get an advanced degree but the payoff will provide you with more professional opportunities, increased income, and a better lifestyle.

Put the words onto a page:

No matter what you learn about yourself, you don’t realize it much until you put it down on a paper. When you write about what you have learnt about yourself, you write it without thinking for grammar, punctuation, and it is solely for you. Not just the emotions and observations but you can also write down the things that you have discovered about yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone:

When it comes to exploring yourself, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Plan a vacation for yourself and visit a place you have never seen before. This will help you to connect with people and learn more about their culture. If you cannot visit then read books or learn a new language. Set goals for yourself and see how you break them up into manageable chunks.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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