5 Things you need to understand about motivation

When you are first set off to achieve your dreams, you get frustrated with the lack of progress. It feels that your career achievement is not even close to what you have thought to achieve. You blame yourself for not being motivated enough to work harder for your goals. You think that by just reminding yourself daily about your goals, thinking about the benefits, and searching for inspirational goals, you will stay motivated. But after a few days, everything seems to wither off. It is because the way you use motivation does not really help you to progress towards your goals. Your misconceptions sometimes even halt your progress when you want to achieve your goals. In order to motivate yourself you get caught into a vicious cycle of having to constantly push yourself to be motivated.

But in order to actually become motivated, you need to shift your approach. Following are the things you need to understand about motivation:

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  • Motivation continues to fluctuate:

You need to understand that motivation is an emotion and just like any emotion, it fluctuates. You will have a lot of motivation when you make bold decisions or want to change old habits but your motivation will never stay the same. There will be days when you will be tired and feeling down. In this situation fighting against getting motivated will drain the little energy that you have in you. You only need to accept that motivation keeps on changing and you need to understand when the right time to use your motivation is.

  • Consider what’s the best way to use it:

Motivation is just like a source of energy that charges your internal batteries. But the problem is that while using it you don’t think that if it gets wasted, it will take time to recharge it. If you knew works like a battery, you would be thinking twice before using it. Therefore, carefully consider the best way to use it in order to get the most out of your limited life.

  • Set a system that will make you do the right thing:

When you unaware of your motivation and willpower, you let it go wasted on pushing for becoming motivated. But once you become aware of the limited supply of motivation, every energy and enthusiasm you have is used to build a system in the beginning. This is the system that allows you to carry on with your work or when you are low on motivation.

  • Motivation cannot be same for everyone:

Motivation is not the same for everyone and you need to find your deepest desires in order to push through your life. This makes setting goals for everyone a different process. You need to set goals congruent with your personality, your values, interests, strengths, skills, and purpose. If a goal does not feed your soul, you will feel deprived no matter how much bigger the reward is.

  • Make motivation work for you:

Once you discover how motivation works for you, your motivational ups and downs do not matter anymore. They will still come and go but discovering them will help you carry on with your journey in a much better way. Once you know how to make motivation work for you there will be no frustration of running out of motivation. You will be able to achieve your goals faster and have fun on the way.


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