5 techniques to Improve your focus and grow your worth

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According to studies, the eight-second attention span of average humans is less than that of a goldfish. This too has reduced over the years due to the digital connectedness. But no matter what surroundings humans are in, their survival actually depends on their ability to focus on what is important. Same applies when you start and plan to grow a business. According to the experts, humans need a more energetic approach for growth of their businesses.

Following are some of the refined changes that can be made to improve focus and attain success:

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There are so many distractions that stress you out. This requires you to disconnect for a period of time. It does not mean getting disconnected from just the technology; it means to stay away from every conversation that stresses you. For example, if you had some heated argument with a staff member at the beginning of a day, its negativity will carry on with you for the rest of the day. By disconnecting you will be able to stop that negative energy to follow you and you will stop it in its tracks.


For attaining energy and staying active, you normally drink coffee. You can achieve the same effect for getting a temporary boost by holding your right earlobe with your left thumb and your left earlobe with the right thumb and breathe. There is a direct correlation between the ears and the brain activity. The hemispheres will be balanced by this activity which has proven to improve memory, release the stress in and around the brain and brainstem. It also acts as a stress buster and helps to improve focus and concentration.

Get grounded:

Walking barefoot on the ground has never been given much importance but studies have proved that there are so many benefits of doing so. You can achieve the energy from the earth by actually lying down on the ground. It will help neutralize tension and the frequency of the earth will suck out all the stress from your body.


We have heard so many times that what goes around, comes around. Same applies to the negative thoughts. You can remove this effect by thinking one good though about the person who frustrates you. When you will send positive vibes, the good energy will return to you.

Clear out distraction:

Because of the distractions, it gets hard to focus on your work. For this purpose, take your left index finger and tap the tip of your nose three times and take one very long deep breath while doing it. This will help you get back on track and accomplish all your tasks for the day.

Via: Entrepreneur

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