5 Simple ways to spot fake online coaches

The traditional methods of training and education seem old now as organizations of all types, from public schools to corporations are now opting to train from the web. Also, there is no shortage of coaches who specialize in all the fields from health, business, to mindset. By performing a quick Google search, we can gain access to the people who share their insights and experiences. But it may come as a surprise for many that the internet is filled with self-promoted gurus who trick other people instead of empowering them with any kind of knowledge.

But you can stop from learning due to some fake people as there are many brilliant coaches out there who are sincere in providing knowledge to their audience.

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Following are the few tips that can help you to identify between the real mentors and the cheaters.

Language of a coach:

Media and internet in particular is improving but there are many coaches who exaggerate their outcomes and make high claims of their popularity. Gurus, who claim to teach you something overnight and asking for money, are the ones you should avoid. You should not hire people who use flashy language and guarantee results within no time even if you are the one who has to do all the effort.

Accomplishments of the coach:

For checking on the authenticity of your selected coach, look at their accomplishments. If your coach gives you information on how to make seven figures but fails to make himself, then it’s a sign that you should do more research. Make sure that the person has achieved those things about which he/she claims to provide advice.

Sale tricks:

The behavior of a coach that pressurizes you to throw in cash to justify a program’s high cost or keeps a strict no-refund policy reveals that the coach is unsure of the program’s values. This is a clear hint for what kind of relationship you are getting into. An authentic coach will be aware of the fact that human beings need time to consider a heavy purchase.

Analyze the free content:

In order to attract potential customers, free content is often provided on the websites by the coaches. This helps them to understand the essence of a program. You can read the samples to evaluate the value of any selected coach. The quality of the provided content will directly correlate to the level of expertise you will receive in paid courses.

Go with your intuition:

If a person is a brilliant entrepreneur, it does not mean he/she is a good coach. You need a good experienced coach to provide you guidance for attaining knowledge and growth. If you feel something is off, then it probably is a hint to search for someone else and make sure you get everything you are pay for.

Via: Entrepreneur

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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