5 proven ways to let go worrying – According to a Psychologist

Even in this digital and modern age, it is difficult for our brain to select the things it needs to focus on actually. This is the reason we all suffer from some sort of anxiety because we worry about a lot of things at one time. We overreact about few things which disturb us not only physiologically but also physically. We need to relax our mind in any kind of situation.

Following are the five proven ways that can help us to calm down when things aren’t going the ways we want them, according to a Psychologist.

Make yourself comfortable:

Trouble times can come without indication but no matter what happens, you need to make yourself comfortable first. Take a minute for yourself and get comfortable in a quiet place away from people. Get yourself in a position where you feel it is possible to understand what is happening.

Try closing your eyes:

When you are tensed, it is hard to close your eyes and make yourself comfortable. This might be very hard but it will help you a lot to relax. This will help you to shut down the entire world for some time and focus on yourself.

Pay attention to your breathing:

Once you start focusing on yourself, pay attention to your breathing. In times of anxiety we often breathe faster, try to breathe slowly. Allow your body to slow down your breathing naturally. Do not force yourself to slow down until you feel your body allows you to.

Redirect your mind:

Once you will sit down and start focusing on your breathing, your body will relax. Your mind will start to wander on the things that do not need attention. Let your brain wander for some time as this will help to lower the stress level.

Be patient and think calm:

The process of bringing your body into a relaxing mode might take time. It might be difficult initially but with practice, you will get better with it. You need to be patient with the situation and think of calming thoughts that your brain will eventually catch up.

There are so many things in life that we cannot fix. Nature brings the changes itself and if we try to sabotage its efforts with ignorance, we do nothing instead of harming ourselves. Therefore, keep your mind open as our mind believes what it conceives.