5 Precautions to Be Taken While Pre-Engineering Your Metal Building

5 Precautions During Metal Building

Pre-Engineering Your Metal Building

Danger is all around us. From the littlest things like tripping over an untied shoe lace, to following down an open manhole. Which is apparently quite common.As a building owner, it’s your responsibility to assure your construction team is doing everything possible to assure a safe site, and safe erection. During any construction process you have risks. It’s only natural then to have dangers when it comes to your pre-engineering your metal building. Construction can be hazardous and plenty of precautions are needed to assure safety as well as correct assembly. Here are 5 precautions to be taken while pre-engineering your metal building.

  1. Daily Checks on Lifting Equipment

It’s kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? It’s foolish to assume that all the lifting equipment and their accessories are okay because they were the last time you used them. Patience is a virtue after all. The time that’s required is seriously nothing compared to the time that will be needed to bring in new equipment and supplies. These buildings do allow for a quick build. So, if you fail to properly inspect all your lifting equipment you’re looking at significant additions of time to be added to the erection process.

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I stress the importance of making daily checks on the site. The value of the lifting equipment is crucial to a speedy erection. Don’t take that out of context, we’re talking about a building. That includes daily checks on all the lifting equipment. Make sure not to leave out checks on all the lifting slings. Make sure they are not fraying or kinking in any way. If they happen to be, or even looks like they could be, halt all actions and properly fix it.

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Precautions while working on a metal building

  1. Be Aware of Weather and Onsite Conditions

You’re playing with fire (figuratively) when you don’t pay close attention to all the conditions that can jeopardize construction.Weather, and the surrounding environmental site should be observed daily for any possible factors that could lead to unsafe working conditions. Weather plays a huge role when it comes down to erecting a building. Strong winds of any kind spell danger for you and your team.Strong winds are a hazard when trying to erect your building as well as sheeting. You’re likely to encounter issues and difficulty in-stability of these aspects as swaying and forceful winds can easily disrupt these processes.

You always should be aware of onsite conditions that should not be worked in. Including mud or snow conditions. Your site should also not be chaotic. Meaning your site should always be tidy and neat. Everything should have a place and organization should be a priority.

  1. Materials Are Stored Correctly &Tools Are Cared For

Tools and building materials are exactly cheap. Especially the industrial tools needed to make construction easier. That’s why you should always pay closer attention to these during and after each use. You must ensure that all building materials are properly stored when building has seized for the day. That includes all tools, lines, cables, and loose supplies. You run the risk of damage, vandalism, and even theft.

All tools should also be inspected before each use for any damage to the tool itself and the cable. All extension cables as well need to be inspecting for fraying and slitting. All situations can lead to electrical shock and death to its user. If any sign of splitting or fraying is present discard the tool or cable immediately to avoid the danger.

metal building precautions

  1. Ensuring Your Onsite Equipment Is Setup Correctly

If I haven’t expressed the importance of proper tool, machine, and equipment care, then allow me once again to stress the dangers that need to be avoided in construction your pre-engineered metal building.When you’re in the process of erecting your building, you need to be aware your construction setup is safely done.

You should always ensure that there are plenty of guide wires for temporary bracing of the framework.Do not forget that erection must always start with braced bay. Failure to do that will lead to possible shifting and instability issues. Your building should also have permanent bracing and flange stays for the entire duration of construction.

Even when selecting steel, like Buck Steel, you should always use high strength bold where required, and are tightened correctly and not over or under tightened. This can and will lead to problems that will devastate your project.

  1. Get Some Insurance

Precautions while working on a metal building

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Accidents are unfortunate, but they do happen even to the best. You can prepare and take all the precautions necessary to eliminate most accidents. But sometimes they just happen. Making sure you have a top of the line insurance out on the construction is crucial to avoid legal problems.Having an All Risk Insurance covers you for the smallest or more severe incidents. You’ll always be responsible having it be your property. You should always look to cover all the aspects of what can go wrong. Being prepared is essential. Don’t be left without it.

You should always take proper precautions while pre-engineering your metal building. You never want to run into problems that impact construction as well as you legally.Being prepared is part of the battle. The other part is using common sense with a smart team who has patience in doing the proper checks, inspection, and clean up. Following these 5 precautions will help during the pre-engineering process.

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