5 cost-effective ways that can help you become the best version of yourself

Being good is hard and for most of your life, you fight against cultivating good habits in your routine. There is a powerful balance required to strive for every day, the balance between happiness in the moment and action towards creating the best versions of yourself. But you don’t need to wait for a change to make everything better. You have to make the change yourself. You need to become the person who is aware of the impacts on the planet, on politics, and on other citizens. For this purpose, you need to put your awareness to good use and become a better world citizen.

Following are the few cost-effective ways that can help you become the best version of yourself as a human being:

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1. Go green:

You can help Mother Nature by going more for green i.e. you can plant more trees. You can make your favorite pass time activity to plant trees. You can do this alone or create a group that can motivate others to do the same. This will help you to do something for yourself and for the future generations. The climate change is bringing a lot of impact on our lives. The neglect about nature is brining disastrous impacts in many regions of the country.

2. Donate your pennies:

Many of us still have the small pennies or coins with us to which we do not give any importance. But if we collect and give these to charities, it can be a lot of value to them.  it may requires no effort on your part but a collection of all such pennies and coins can be helpful for buying a lot of things for the homeless people in your country.

3. Use cruelty-free makeup:

With the changing trends in makeup, there is a new product making its way to the market. Most of the big brands rely on animal testing for their quality. People are purchasing these products without even realizing what impacts it brings to animals. You can discourage these brads on using animals for their testing by not purchasing such products. Spend some time in getting information what brands do not do animal testing and purchase those brands. Your small effort may save many animals from cruelty.

4. Avoid instant online purchases:

Although purchasing online has become the trend with seemingly no bad impacts. But just for satisfying the want for products, you are bringing a bad impact on the environment. When you opt for one-day shipping, it requires more burning shipping trucks to be on the road at once. Their presence is a clear sign of adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. With so many orders to deliver, the companies keep their workers to drive or fly over that area repeatedly. So you can imagine that your $1 purchases just for a short time use may not be good for the entire world.

5. Do not use plastic bags:

People have forgotten the disastrous impacts of plastic bags on nature. Our oceans hold plastic bags on every foot of the coastlines. These plastic bags block fish’s digestive tract, get stuck in shark’s gills, trap birds in their nests, and are a big reason for contamination of soil and water. Resist your temptation to stay comfortable every time you go shopping by holding plastic bags. Prefer cloth bags or cotton pouches for not participating in environmental degradation.

Via: Business Insider

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