5 Activities to make your brain healthier

Occasional senior moments where you forget things that you have to do are often ignored. Maybe you have gone to a place and can’t remember the reason; it is something that irritates a lot. Memory lapses sometimes occur at young age and they are not due to ageing. These are considered to be caused due to some brain illnesses.

But these are the declines that can be prevented with some basic good habits and techniques. Following are the strategies that can be used to protect and improve your brain.

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Eat good food:

You need to understand that 60% of your brain is fat eating good food can help you to improve in the functioning of it. Flaxseeds, tuna, sardines, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, eggs, and walnuts are all the foods that can help your brain to function efficiently.

Be around people you enjoy:

Studies have proved that when you are laughing and smiling, your brain releases feel-good chemicals. These are the chemicals that help you to stay happy. Once your brain is stress-free, it reduces the risk of dementia and delays cognitive impairment.

Learn a new language:

When you learn a new language, it enhances your focus and improves your command over the native language. Learning a new language can help to delay the process of many brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Do an exercise:

When you are involved with some kind of fitness program, you are already ahead of the game. Any type of physical exercise will help to improve your physical and mental health. When you are aerobic training or doing weights, it helps you to perform better in your daily life.

Plan for future:

Future plans are necessary for keeping your brain alert and healthy. Studies have shown that people who plan for their future always remain in a healthy mental state. They prepare themselves for confronting the future challenges and think of all the possible solutions that they can come up with.

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