4 ways you can make decisions easily

Making decisions isn’t easy. It makes people agonize over what to do, to vacillate back and forth and second-guessing themselves even after the decisions have been made. If you are one of these people then you must be finding difficulty in the making of simplest decisions. The choices can be very confusing and it might make others irritated as well. The skill of good decisions making is really important but if you don’t have it, then don’t get annoyed with it.

If you want to get better at decisions-making, the following are the few strategies that might help:

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Face you fears:

Decision making feels difficult because the fear of the outcome paralyzes you. You become anxious about it and just the thought of it freezes you in your tracks. The secret of getting out of this situation is to face and name these fears. You need to realize what the fears are and accept them. Then consider worst scenarios of these fears and think how to cope with them. When you will think about overcoming them, they will feel much less frightening and will make you stronger for taking decisions.

Write down the pros and cons:

According to experts when you find yourself stuck for making a decision, you need to write down the pros and cons of the decision on a piece of paper. This will be really helpful if you find choices that both seem good. When you will write the pros and cons of both, it will become easier to know which one is the best.

Do not confuse likes with wants:

The biggest mistake in making a decision is when you confuse your likes with your wants. It is because as human beings, you are subjected to emotions and feelings. Since feelings are not really based on specific reasons, therefore, you misunderstand their source which makes you end up confusing yearning with actual liking. So, you should first be able to realize your actual wants and likes and then it will help you to make a decision.

The number of choices:

The experts explain that decision making has become more difficult in this era because of the numerous choices that are available. Buying a shirt was much easier before as it was just based on the size and color. But now, for a simple shirt, you have to decide between the style, the fit, the fabric, the cut, the patter, the stitch etc. for a normal human being, these are a lot of choices to make for one single item. The solution to this situation is to choose two to three alternatives and turning a blind eye to the rest.

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