4 Ways Millennials can Transition from peer to manager

When you and your friend start in an office at the same level it may be surprising to see yourself as a manager because of the year-end review took place at the workplace. It may become tough as now you will have to perform your services as their boss. Your new role managing millennial peers may be a bit hard but there are following ways that can help you to ease the transition.

Clarifying your role:

When your level of job has increased, you need to signal it to your colleagues too. Your professional relationship will remain the same but you have to tell them that your role involves more responsibilities. There is no way all people can drive; being the manager your responsibilities require you to lead them.

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Prove your expertise:

You will now have to prove that why you have been chosen for the role of a manager. You will have to demonstrate the skills that have helped you to lead the rest. Your colleagues will soon be asking you for advice on dealing with different clients.

Become a mentor not boss:

Transition from peer to a manager requires you to be responsible for your colleagues’ professional development. For this purpose, do not act as their boss instead transform into their mentor. Help them strengthen their skills and provide a useful response to their questions.

An advocate:

You need to acknowledge everyone on your team for their efforts. You cannot get the benefits of alone; your team has to enjoy some of the advantages too. Always make sure that whatever your team has accomplished should be known to everyone on the management team.

Via: Forbes

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