4 Strategies To Make the New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Everyone wants to make positive changes in their lives but may have tried and failed many times. We make New Year’s resolutions but never achieve them and think that the system is flawed in a way. But if we set the real attainable goals, we can avoid that sick feeling every January and create a new habit or achievement that can change our life for good.

Creating the resolutions isn’t a problem but sticking to them the whole year is. Following are the four simple strategies that can help you to make your resolutions stick:

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Do not keep a lot of resolutions:

Studies have shown that a person cannot focus on more than five to seven tasks at one time. This makes you waste a lot of your precious time and accomplish very little. Therefore, set two to three resolutions so that you don’t have to force yourself to memorize them. Stay committed to those two to three resolutions and you will achieve a lot even by having fewer tasks.

Make smart resolutions:

You should not think that resolutions are just like the goals that you want to achieve. These set resolutions can be made specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. The goals that you identify exactly what you want to accomplish lie under the specific resolutions. Also, the goals should be measurable and something that is not measurable cannot be managed at any cost. No matter what resolutions you set, they should be actionable i.e. they must begin with a verb such as run, finish, eliminate etc. regarding the realistic resolutions, it is important to set the ones that are actually attainable and not something that is a fantasy. And most important, every resolution should be time-bound. It is because for the completion of every resolution it is necessary to set a date with it and it could be an hour, a month, or a year.

Put them on a paper:

The resolutions you set should always be written on a piece of paper. It is because writing down your resolutions give you so much strength and helps you to develop an action plan for whatever goals that you have in mind. Once you write down your goals, you actually help yourself to turn them into a reality.

Have support:

Whatever you have committed yourself to achieve; you must take the support of your family or loved ones. Go public with your resolutions by posting them everywhere you see often. By taking the support of the people around you, it creates accountability and leverage. It is because those people will keep asking you how much have you achieved and it will remind you constantly of the resolutions that you have created.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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