3 ways to let go of anxious thoughts

There are so many times in life when someone says or does something that offends us. No matter how hard we try to let go of the feelings of resentment, it becomes difficult to move on. It makes us self-conscious and anxious while approaching certain people in life. These are the kinds of feelings that affect how we represent ourselves in the social settings and cause a lot of unnecessary worry and tensions in our relationships. Then there comes a time when we get fed up of the constant conflicts in our mind and realize we need a change and it can be achieved by perceiving the world through a different lens. And the moment we stop worrying, we feel free to breathe, act, and live the way we want to.

According to experts, there are few tricks that can help to understand to be free from troubling thoughts:

Embrace acceptance:

When we try to brush our anxious thoughts aside, more thoughts seem to arise from them. It just seems that we try to put out the fire with more fire and brings no good to us. It does seem logical to do but in reality, in order to obtain perfect calmness we need to treat them patiently. We should to observe them and accept that they are present in our mind. We should accept the pain they are causing and then focus on the root cause of their presence. The practice of acceptance towards something helps us strengthen neural pathways to our brain.

Agreeing to change:

No one can deny the fundamental law that everything changes. But it becomes easier once we start accepting the change. We should realize that even if our anxiety is extremely bad, it will change sometime. All we need to do is to open up ourselves to the continuously changing and dynamic nature of our being of reality. We need to develop the eagerness to stop watering those negative thoughts and began of think of our life as endless opportunity to start living differently.

Focusing on senses:

One other strategy that helps a lot in easing up the anxious feelings is to focus towards our senses. According to experts, when people intentionally focus towards their attention on incoming sensory data, it lessens the narrative circuitry. This is successfully done through meditation as it helps us to focus our attention on the sensory experience as we breathe. It makes our senses more alive at that moment and we experience calmness in life.