3 Effective exercises to build stronger teams

You can easily imagine a cutthroat environment in an organization when it is described by words like success or power. But in real life, a competitive workplace should not run at a place where employees have to experience a Hunger Games like situation. The organization is considered to work best when its employees work in the form of stronger teams.

You need to make sure that your team is as strong as it can possibly be and for that reason, following are the few exercises that are considered most effective:

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Deepen the relationship among your team:

When you have a bigger team then break it into smaller groups. Ask each of them about the five key moments that have influenced their life and have made them who they are. This will help you to lower the barriers among the people you are working with. Once you will be able to understand each other on deeper levels, you will feel a stronger relationship. Try to keep conversations strictly confidential as then it will build enormous trust among the team members.

Encourage people to tell a meaningful story:

There will be some people on your team who will be ready to share a meaningful story of their life with the rest of the people. If this happens then seek out to the people who are willing to volunteer. Let them prepare and rehearse for telling their stories. These might be the stories of courage and may encourage other people to open about themselves in front of others. If the stories are truly meaningful, the team members will have a lot to learn and they will be willing to take the risks they previously feared.

Using appreciation for encouragement:

This has been considered as the most effective technique to encourage the group members. The group members are asked to share one thing that they appreciate about each other at the end of every project. Ideally, they are asked to give specific examples. With this technique, employees appreciate their colleagues publically and it is extremely moving for others. It is because people rarely notice anything good in others or finds time to appreciate it. In this way, it helps everyone to admire others for what they do.

With these techniques, an environment is created where team members instead of pulling each other down; encourage them for their good actions. This helps to build better relationships and they work together more effectively.

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