3 daily habits that can make you smarter

Most of the people think they are pretty smart but when it comes to the term genius, only a few people fall into the category. It is a common belief that geniuses are born and are only one or two in a million. People currently categorize wisdom and creative power for being a genius but it is time to stop assuming that these are the abilities only of gifted people. In reality, behind the magic and the Aha moment, there is a specific cognitive process at work. This is the process both you and I can learn. The researches have shown that extraordinary may be due to special talent but most accomplishments are attained with a combination of practice, habit, and mindset.

The general intelligence and creativity can be improved by adopting three simple habits in life:

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Ask questions to yourself:

These questions should not be about the daily tasks you perform but they should be regarding yourself. You have to reflect ten minutes of a day to ask yourself that what excites you about the world. What are the things that you do not like about it, how much you are living as you wanted to, and if not, and then what could you do to change it.

These are the kind of questions which will lead you to look beneath the surface and will teach you to think clearly. These will make you learn more about yourself and the things that are already roaming around in your head will start to make sense. Take out ten minutes from your routine and ask yourself one question daily and then think about it afterwards.

Read more:

Reading books can bring a lot of change in your life. There is something magical about the books that cannot be replaced. There is a lot of information that you can get only through books and internet has broadened this by giving you the facility to read from every corner of the world. You always learn something new and valuable when you read books. Make it a habit of reading for 20 minutes daily or about 15 pages of the book you like. This will help you to end 15 to 20 books by the end of a year and without exaggeration, this reading habit will change your life completely.

Practice deep focus:

You need to stay motivated by pushing yourself by the continuous challenges that keep occurring around you. You need to refine your mind by focusing your mind and body towards the task you want to perform. It will give you the ability to internalize information and this process will take you to the intellectual edge. You need to focus 30 minutes of your day on deep focus whether it’s a hobby or a personal project. This focus will help you to understand it in a better and tangible way.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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