6 Reasons why intelligent people stay unhappy

Intelligence and happiness don’t always go together. You cannot guarantee that a person who is better educated, rich, or has accomplished a lot in life will be happy. In fact, it means that someone is less likely to be satisfied with their life.

Material accomplishments can make you happy for a month, two months, or six months, but after that, you will become used to them. Smart people always have goals to sustain their happiness levels. This makes them vulnerable to feeling depressed when things don’t go well. When they are depressed, even the big wins don’t make them happy.

For understanding why intelligent people stay unhappy, the following are a few reasons that can be analyzed:

1- Having high standards:

It is relatively difficult for intelligent people to settle for less because they keep really high standards in everything they do. No matter what they achieve, they don’t get satisfied with their achievements in relationships. Sometimes intelligent people have idealistic views of the world which are a major cause in keeping them unhappy.

2- Over analyzing everything:

Intelligent people are usually over-thinkers and constantly keep analyzing everything in life. Overanalyzing can be draining at times and can make a person frustrated. The more they understand things, the more it becomes difficult to digest and makes people unhappy.

3- Too strict with themselves:

Intelligent people are often too strict with themselves because they keep on analyzing their behavior in a rigorous manner. They intentionally seek out things to blame themselves and recall the situations in which they didn’t act the way they should have.

4- Less socialization:

It is often hard for intelligent people to make others understand their point of view. They always feel they are not truly understood which makes them less social with others. It is hard for them to communicate and interact with people who have an average level of intelligence.

5- Side effects of a brilliant mind:

Studies have revealed that people who are more intelligent are prone to existential depression. This makes them overthink so much to the level that they start reflecting on life, death, and the meaning of their existence. This all is enough to make them sad for no obvious reason.

6- Reality is too boring:

Intelligent people have a relentless mind and an imagination that won’t let them relax. It stops them from enjoying the good times in life and the reality becomes too boring to live. They always crave something fantastic, idealistic, and eternal that they never find in the world.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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