The Facebook rating has recently dropped from 4.0 to 2.6 on Google Play Store

facebook playstore rating dropped

The Facebook app rating has recently dropped from 4.0 to 2.6 on Google Playstore.

People use Facebook for networking. The app provides simplicity and freedom to voice your opinion but unfortunately, things are turning completely opposite recently. The app does not seem to be supporting freedom of expression and voicing an opinion, at least for the Muslims as experienced by the people of South Asia, the Middle East, and Arab countries.

The app store shows over 5,000,000,000+ installs and 115,640,972 feedback at the time of writing this article. This huge number shows ratings of 2.6 as people are reported giving only ‘1 star’ on different social media forums citing unfair justice and clear inequality.

The rating has substantially dropped on the Apple App store as well. The current Facebook app rating on the Apple App store is 2.4. In an attempt to reverse the damage, it is reported that Facebook has contacted Apple to remove the negative rating tanked as a result of the pro-Palestine episode, Apple has refused the request.

Many accounts are reportedly suspended, permanently banned for speaking against Israeli military aggression against Palestinian Muslims.

facebook playstore rating dropped

Muslims all over the world are sharing posts in support of Palestine and for unknown reasons, some accounts are flagged for their posts. This seems to be a pattern not only on Facebook but also on Instagram, a Facebook-owned company. People have been posting all over the world on Facebook about the ongoing tension in the country.

1-star rating on the play store highlights the poor performance of the Facebook app and shows users unhappy responses.

According to AFP, this ongoing Israeli aggression has killed over 200 Palestinians including 50+ children.