What is Copywriting? – Learn how to write marketing and sales copy

Writing a good sales copy is very important for a copywriter as it grabs users’ interest. Good ad copywriting convinces people to take up the offer and contact you.

Question is, how to become a creative copywriter and write copy that sells on websites, blogs, and social media as well as in email newsletters.

Copywriting skills are in high demand today and copywriting jobs are one of the highest-paid for the freelancers. Copywriters who are good at what they do make around six-figure income and surprisingly they work hours are far less than any other job. Because of their ability to write an effective sales copy they are able to create interest.

On the internet, copywriting is used for sales, marketing, social media ads, and email newsletters.

What is Copywriting?

It is the way of engaging readers to read your sales copy. It excites them towards our business offer and converts them into potential customers.

A typical sales copy focuses on:

AIDA copywriting, commonly known as AIDA formula. It is an abbreviation of Attention, interest, desire, and action. Here is how it works.

  1. Attention: Grab read interest with an interesting headline.
  2. Interest: A great opening creating interest in your offer.
  3. Desire: Create a desire by talking about interest. For example — Do you wish to be financially independent?
  4. Action: Create a call to action right after you create scarcity and give assurance to your potential lead for example – 48 hours only, limited stock — Buy Today. We offer a money-back guarantee.

Tips for writing magnetic headlines:

A copywriting starts with a great headline. The headline is the first thing a user takes a look before reading your copy. If you are selling something, perhaps marketing a product or a service, pay close attention to these tricks and you will find out that people begin to show interest in your offer and contact you.

1- Start headline with numbers – For example, 6 ways to make money on the internet.
2- Use How to in your heading – For example, how to make money online?
3- Use of “mistakes” in a headline (common mistakes) – For example, 2 mistakes every internet entrepreneur makes and they are costly.
4- Ask a question – For example, Do you want to learn digital marketing?.
5- Use of punctuation.
6- Use 5WS in your heading – For example, Who, when, what, where, and why.
7 – Always support your copy with a relevant picture. It creates better engagement.

Flip Features into benefits:

A good copywriter converts features into benefits. When you are able to flip the features and show them as a benefit, you are converting a marketing effort into sales.

Remember that amazing APPLE ad in the 90s’? Apple, in a new iPod ad, did not talk about the storage. Instead, it highlighted the benefits of buying iPOD because users will be able to store 1000+ songs and that feature of storage was far bigger than any CD or a cassette could hold.

Just by flipping feature into a benefit, APPLE created a lot of interest in their ad for people to rush to nearby retail stores and buy iPOD. A record sales and Apple has bounced back in the marketing with a statement.

Another good example of flipping feature into a benefit is, For weight loss programs that focus on cutting fat within one week, the best way could be by asking a question, Want to look hot and sexy like your favorite movie star?

FOUR powerful techniques that will help you become the best copywriter.

When it comes to internet marketing, copywriting is definitely popular. Everyone who enters internet marketing at one point or another comprehends the value of having a strong ad copy. This is one skill that you’ll need at every step of your Internet marketing career.

1- Conciseness:

Your prospects don’t have much time and all they would want is to skim through the copy fast. A few site visitors might take the time to read all of your copy but most of them will simply scan for something that jumps out at them.

This is why you need to make your copy easier to scan by using things like bullet points and sub-headlines.

A good copywriter focuses on writing a copy that is to the point without beating around the bush because they understand that it is a race against the time and such effort is productive

If you have an idea or concept that you want to communicate, tell that at the beginning of your sales copy. Building suspense will only work against you.

2- Support your HEADING with a great OPENING:

After you have constructed your primary headline, your sub-headlines (commonly know as opening) needs to tell the potential buyers about what they will get from your product or service.

Only after you have clearly stated what is your business purpose and how the users will benefit from your offer. You need to focus on the next part and that is, showing some success stories.

3- Testimonials:

Testimonials convince readers to try your product and service since so many people are praising your business. A testimonial from a known celebrity could well prove to be instrumental in cementing a decision on the spot.

4- Build Trust:

Use your sales copy to offer a strong guarantee so people on the fence will be convinced to buy. Build trust with your audience by standing by the product you’re offering them. In fact, when you have a long guarantee, it tends to bring down the refund rate because people end up keeping your product. By having a guarantee you’re just making them feel comfortable and okay when making a decision. The art of good copywriting for issuing a guarantee could well serve the right purpose, i,e – converting a lead into sales.

Warren Buffett’s Secret to CopyWriting and Making Money:

Warren Buffett, the world’s third-richest man, successful investor won prestigious international awards in 2004 for his skills based on the clarity and persuasiveness of his annual report and the secret is, he does not write, he speaks. He is an incredible copywriter, his direct approach to address the reader (investors) is the key to his copywriting success.

“When writing I pretend that I’m talking to my sister. I just begin with ‘Dear Doris’.”

When writing, it is very important to keep the user in mind; as if you’ve written that particular piece just for them rather than for everybody.

There’s very little difference between spoken and written English. Spoken English is direct; as if you are speaking to a person and even if we are not trained, we can still recognize it. Its the exact tone of voice we need for sales in our copywriting.

Write as if you are speaking to a person.

People switch to written mode as soon as they get their hands on the computer keyboard but the approach should be another way around. Imagine you are speaking to a person and the selection of words should reflect that “you” approach

Take Apple for example. In a single piece of copywriting in one of their iPhone manuals, they’ve used;

iPhone 81 times, Apple 26 times but the word you or you’re is used over 100 times. Here’s an example

You can browse, download and stream content at remarkable speed, wherever you happen to be”

Speak to a person in a way that they feel you are talking to them, even in a written letter. Another example is, instead of using an indirect approach, always use a direct approach.

For example, “ABC Company is grateful for every new prestigious client”.

it’s better to use a tone that depicts that you are speaking to a customer. The above sentence once changed sends across a very powerful message. For example, “We are grateful for having you as our prestigious client”.

Warren Buffett gives us more clues when we DeCypher his notes.

Copywriting is all about addressing “You” rather than “Them”

Use short simple sentences using short simple worlds. Sometimes as a copywriter, it’s better to use one-word answers to our own questions. For example, how do they feel? Comfortable or who can benefit? Everyone.

Spoken is much more relaxed. It’s much less stuffy. We can do things a teacher would never let us do at school.

We can use contractions for example;

  • We are is changed to We’re.
  • Could not is changed to Couldn’t.
  • You is changed to You’ll.
  • Should not is changed to Shouldn’t.

Contractions are a single differentiator between written and spoken English and it gives the impression that you are speaking to your reader. This builds a relationship for the future.

So my best advice to you is, start in written English and keep the reader in mind. Write as if you are speaking to them and once you’ve written, simplify your verbiage and make it concise.

How to write a brilliant Social Media Ad:

Remember guys, just like in the case of other mediums, a good Ad for social media with nice copywriting results in better Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing is one of the most in-demand services in today’s time. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses have suffered the most. Many brick and mortar businesses are shutting down for good. Microsoft just recently announced that it is going to shut down its retail stores all over the world and focus on online selling.

Internet usage has increased in the last 6 months as people are locked down, jobless, and many struggling to make ends meet.

Many small businesses have already begun to shift their physical retail stores. shops online by creating eCommerce websites. This has also increased the demand of website developers, especially freelancers from all over the world.

A website is literally good for nothing if there’s no customer visiting it and shopping. For increasing the outreach of a website, the importance of social media marketing has also doubled today.

If you know how to start a social media marketing agency and help websites get potential clients, leads or generate sales, you can make a good fortune from this service. If you want to learn social media marketing, I am teaching this on my YouTube channel.

The best way to advertise a business is Facebook and the reason is very simple. Facebook is the world’s biggest website with more active users than any other website. With over 2.6 billion active users, you can reach out to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers with a single button click. Facebook advertisement is not only efficient but if done correctly, it can fetch great ROI (return on investment).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some amazing picture ideas you can use in your Facebook ad that could help you grab the attention of your next potential client and convince them to take an action.

How to advertise an Ad on Facebook for better ROI?

The ideas are simple and can easily be replicated by going to Canva and reproduce similar images fo your Facebook ad.

Affiliate Ad:

In this picture, I have used the Amazon logo and a call to action that says “get your affiliate site today”. I am a big advocate of simplicity and believe it yields far better results than a complicated, overcrowded picture.

Digital Marketing:

Everybody knows that digital marketing means advertising on the internet and there are some big websites that are extremely popular. Instead of writing on the image, It won’t be a bad idea to use the logos of these websites and present them in a nice way.

Website Development:

A simple call to action on a picture with a nice copywriting could attract an eye. The person seems to be confused and the cover screen (half-shown) shows HTML code which depicts website development. It’s hard to develop a website yourself but this image could be advertised with nice copywriting such as “Finding it hard to get your website?. Look no further, we can help”.


Ever since the first physical store opened in the world, the shop keepers started giving away discounts because that prompts shoppers to take action. Social media is no exception, everyone loves discounts. Instead of over-killing an ad with copywriting, how about showing a discount number with % and present it nicely?

The Business Side:

Convincing the viewer, who could be your potential customer with an incentive to monetize their business works in every business. Tell them, they can not only get a website but can make money out of it by selling on it. The formula can be replicated for any business.


This ad went viral by Ikea. The message is simple. We are giving away our stock, come and talk to us and find out who gets to win the 100% sale voucher for certain items.


The picture should tell the story. This picture certainly does. Imagine a nice copywriting to help customers understand what are they going to get if they give you their money.

Examples Of Copy Writing:

A copywriting with a nice picture can orchestrate a call to action and a decision. Here is one example.

💥 Best time to get your own website.
🔥 Get a mobile-friendly website and sell online.
🏃‍♂️ Hurry up, only a limited number of orders left.

☑️ One to One Consultation.
☑️ Personalized payment plan.
☑️ SEO friendly website.
☑️ Your competitor analyzed so you can perform better
☑️ One year domain and hosting “Free”.
☑️ Limited time offer – 48 hours only. First come, first serve on priority.
☑️ Money-back guarantee.
☑️ All luxury features available.

💵 Best Return on Investment, Act NOW!

📞 Contact us today. Send INBOX message.

Never ignore the importance of using emojis on Facebook, educate the viewer, and tell them clearly about the takeaway from your offer. Creating scarcity in your copywriting (limited offer, limited stock) does make a lot of impact and hassles up the client to make a quick decision.

That’s what effective copywriting is. Use few words, try to express a lot while speaking directly to your reader or audience.


In summary, the above tips show us that copywriting isn’t reserved for the elite few but anyone with the right level of passion and enthusiasm can make it work for their business.

A good copywriter focuses on these 7 points for great copywriting that converts sales.

  1. Heading.
  2. Opening.
  3. Benefits.
  4. Offer.
  5. Guarantee.
  6. Scarcity.
  7. Call to action.

Once you understand the basic points that make copywriting work, you’ll see that it’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, it could be so easy that you might end up making it your full-time career.