4 Ways to be more productive in the morning

Most of the people may not want to hear this but it’s worth repeating, your morning habits can pay off for the rest of your life. The morning time is often wasted in hitting the snooze button again and again or checking Facebook supine. We rush to work only to waste a few of our most important working hours on checking emails. And before we realize, the day is almost over and nothing is accomplished ever.

There are few things that can be helpful for making mornings more productive as this is the time, energy levels are at peak.

Avoid checking emails at two important times:

Checking your emails right after getting up makes you lose focus and you waste your own precious times in responding to other people’s needs. A human brain focuses best between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. therefore avoid checking emails in these timings as well. This will help you maximize your productivity.

Do something you like:

Morning time is best for doing something you like such as going out for a jog or reading the newspaper over breakfast. Doing something interesting will help you look forward to after getting up.

Strategize right away:

Practice planning for your day ahead before getting stuck into your email checking routine. Keep the first few minutes of your work for strategic planning which will help you to become productive during the rest of your day.

Prep the night before:

If you don’t like to get up in the morning at all, then prep for your day ahead the night before. At night prepare for your meeting in the morning, pick your outfit so that you don’t reach the office wearing one black shoe on one foot and a blue shoe on the other.

The unrivaled, quiet, and calm time of every morning will empower you with everything. It will help you to fully understand the most-quoted phrase in history by Benjamin Franklin that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.