Education should change. Every student needs a customized learning plan

When I was in school we had to follow a certain curriculum that included subjects from geography, science, and history. We had to learn about Confucius to Romans. At that junction it was necessary. 20 years forward school children are still been taught the same dwindling topics and pilling more and more work to students.

In the advanced age of information and technology, we as professionals need to re-evaluate what our kids need to study. And as a parent, I can certify that the kids need personalized learning plans.

They need to be taught the basic but they should also be taught skills that will be useful for them in the future. School students are measured by standardized tests that have become obsolete. These entrance exams and monthly tests were actionable 20 years ago now they hardly matter. A student is able to grasp more information due to cell phones and the internet.

Instead of ignoring the obvious why now utilized the obvious. Teachers and mentors need to establish a learning plan for each student. SWOT analysis for kids. This will help parents learn what are the key components that affect a child’s focus.

As we progress to a technology dependant future this will enable us to individualized assessments. Intelligent innovation will enable teachers to use the test scores to reveal a child’s learning journey and where they need assistance. Based on the information generated it will enable teachers to develop personalized learning plans for each student.

Thus lamenting on the idea that a  teacher can teach each and every student. This process will be continuous. Every interaction will further inform parents and students where they stand. With cloud computing parents, teachers and even principals can monitor child progress in real-time. 

With these insights, teachers and parents will be able to enact more interventions for struggling students.

Down the road, we will have the instruments to design and appraise improvement.