Coronavirus: Twitter tells employees to work from home

Twitter Ceo Jack Dorsey has asked his staff in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea to work remotely in a blog post.

The company spokesperson said it was strongly encouraging all of its 5000 employees around the world not to come into work. This news comes a day after the company banned all non-essential business travel and events for its staff members

Like other companies, they have announced to be pulled out of this month’s SXSW (South by SouthWest) media conference. The post also highlighted that twitter has been developing ways to allow its staff to work from home also known as `Remote Work”. This is good news for many staff as this enables the social media giant to enable staff to work from anywhere.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has long supported remote work and in November announced plans to live in Africa for up to 6 months of this year. That plan might change after the Coronavirus epidemic. Many other companies such as Facebook and Google have also decided to cancel their invitations for SXSW. GDC (Game Developer Conference) was also canceled as many developers and publishers decided to pull out after fears of COVID-19 infection.

Google Irish staff members will be off on Tuesday in order to be tested for the viral epidemic but most of its staff are expected to come back to work on Wednesday. Ireland houses the leading digital marketers for various conglomerates.

Financial behemoth CitiGroup has restricted international travel for its staff and US oldest Telecom giant AT&T has done the same. These announcements come as more than 3000 people have died and the viral infection is still spreading.

The US alone has 70 infected residents while the government dismays any news about it. Iran and Italy having 2000 infected respectively is a shocking number. This viral epidemic will not only change our livelihood but also how we work.

The real question should is, are we ready to accept the change or are we gonna let our egos get the best of us?