Man Faked Traffic Jam, Fooled People On Google Maps By Carrying 99 Phones

In a rare bizarre course of an event, Google map messed up. It is a blessing that helps us navigate to locations we’ve never been to while keeping us well-informed about traffic details.

Google Maps is AI-controlled. It is not completely perfect and a man with 99 phones just proved exactly that in Berlin.

Artist Simon Weckert conducted a strange experiment to test Google Maps’s accuracy. He took a wagon, put 99 phones on it, turned on the Google Maps navigation and kept driving in the streets of Berlin. even outside Google’s office.

Google tracks mobile phone (car built-in GPS device) when the navigation on Maps is turned on.

With phones so close to each other in a box, vehicle moving at a slow place, Google Maps termed this as heavy congestion and showed the streets in a bright red line. The red line dentifies slow-moving traffic.

In reality, the streets were empty.


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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