How to stay focused on your goals and train your brain to memorize?

how to train your brain to remember?

In this world, it takes a lot of hard work to get somewhere and to build up a career we have dreamed of. For experiencing success at anything, we usually have to take the path of most resistance. In the process, we often feel physically and mentally burned out. That is because almost all of us indulge in behaviors that sabotage our ambitions.

It is very important to train the brain to remember, to stay on task at work and most importantly, to stay focused on your goals.

Following are the traits drive us away from our success and can cause us to miss the best opportunities in our lives.

1. Considering yourself a major failure:

According to experts, when high achievers think of themselves as less successful, they lose their ambition. As a result, they feel like a complete failure and become hypocritical not even to themselves but to everyone else in their life. Once they believe they are good for nothing and take the failure to the heart, they do not stay focused on their goals and tasks.

2. Shifting to executive roles:

Experts state that for professionals, it sometimes becomes difficult to give up their technical expertise and shift to an executive role. They think that if they lose work, they will lose the ability to do some kind of work. But it isn’t so; many high achievers are selected for managerial roles because they have already shown that they are good at producing. This is the reason they continue to be just an individual contributor.

3. Differentiating between urgent and important tasks:

There is very little difference between the two kinds of tasks. Professionals need to distinguish between tasks that are just important and those that are urgent. If they are mentally sharp, they won’t pay heed to the tasks that don’t hold the highest importance. They understand that in order to stay focused on their goals, the priority needs to be given to important tasks.

4. Indulging in repetitive tasks:

Challenging tasks and risks make true professionals move towards their goals. Once people get stuck with a repetitive task, they lose motivation and can experience a feeling of falling behind their counterparts.

5. Trouble delegating:

While setting goals, professionals tend to set extremely higher standards for themselves and for others. Because of this, they may hate assigning tasks to other people. They fear the project would not to be completed on time and the way they want it.

6. Just taking risks that are safe:

Success comes when challenging tasks move ahead. But with fixed mindsets, people prevent themselves from taking risks. They avoid challenges where their ability is challenged and as a result, they remain at a place where they already exist.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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