Here is why you need to take care of your employee first instead of your customer

Your employee is the backbone of your company. Good employees leave because they are not taken care of, they feel they are unwanted and since their opinion is not paid heed to, they switch over to a better opportunity. Losing a good employee is a huge loss. What irony then having your employee using your company’s internet and computer to find a new job. It means you were unable to recognize the gem in your wings and lost them because of your ignorance.

Good employees almost share similar characteristic traits. They are loyal, innovative, they worry about the growth of the company and most importantly, they work hard and look after your clients.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. Richard Branson.

It means your employees should be your first priority. Leaders who do not listen to the people around them are soon surrounded by the people who have nothing to say. Paying attention to your people in order to focus better on your business. This alone is one skill advised by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos. It is very important for becoming successful so your employees can focus on your business and take care of it.

Nice gestures from the boss can bring a world of confidence in the employees. If the boss is un-accessible, does not listen to the advice, does not praises the good work, the employees moral at the workplace goes down. The reason why some companies give a share to their employees, take care of their insurance, is to enable them to focus on work and it increases their productivity.

Employees want to be valued, given importance and not treated like robots. If you treat your employees like robots, it kills their morale and they will work like a machine with no heart and empathy.

The employer-employee gap should be plugged in, employees should be rewarded for their efforts, and most importantly, there should be no communication gap between the boss and the employee.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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