Why client retention is the best way to do freelance jobs

People often mistake freelance jobs as one-off opportunities and they do not think beyond it. In order to pursue a successful career as a freelancer, it is important to think about long term goals. If you want to become a successful freelancer, you have to factor in the importance of repeated jobs and retaining your existing client.

The reason why you should work towards retaining a client is very simple. It is hard to find a new client and a job daily, statistically speaking, it does not practically happen.

If you look at career earnings of successful freelancers, a good percentage is attributed to the repeated clients. These clients trust that particular freelancer with more future jobs. The trust is built when the first job was successfully completed, on time, within agreed upon budget and then freelancer becomes a one-stop choice for all future projects.

As a freelancer, my career stats attribute 38% of repeated clients. It means I was able to finish one job successfully, convince my client to entrust me with more jobs in the future. It often started with a simple logo design project and ended up with complete web design, brochure, and stationery projects.

Keeping future in mind and a goal to retain the client, I was often able to convert one job of $50 to multiple jobs of $2000 by satisfying the client with my work. This happens by winning the trust, satisfying the client with your work and by showing up whenever my client wanted to communicate.

Watch this video to understand the importance of client retention.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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