Want to be liked by everyone?. Avoid these 6 toxic behaviors that arise from anxiety and mental illnesses

Worrying or being overly concerned about a situation or a problem can cause anxiety. Anxiety is considered a normal reaction to stress but it can cause great distress and disability. At times when anxiety gets worse, it can make a person behave in a different way as compared to normal people. Researchers are analyzing that anxiety and depression cause illnesses that cause toxic behavior among people.

Mental illness is common among people in today’s world and there is always one family member who suffers from this terrible ailment in one way or another. Following are the few toxic behaviors that arise from mental illnesses:


When people suffer from anxiety, they start to isolate themselves from others. Because of the fear of past experiences of rejection, they fear facing certain people. Isolation is toxic behavior that never allows a person to reach full potential and make you uncomfortable in social gatherings.

Manipulative behavior:

Another toxic behavior that arises because of chronic anxiety is the manipulative and passive-aggressive behavior. It arises when you feel ignored by other people. You feel your emotional needs are not being fulfilled and it makes you resort to passive aggression to get attention.

Over thinking:

This is the behavior that arises because of overthinking and ruminating about the worst case scenarios. It makes you think about even the smallest matters and drain your brain of the energy that is required to behave normally.

Feeling like a victim:

Another toxic behavior that arises due to anxiety is the victim behavior. It happens because of the horrendous experiences of the past that make you stuck in your victim mentality. It makes a person feel like a victim to get more attention.


When a person is suffering from anxiety, he or she either genuinely criticize themselves too harshly out of self-hate or criticize themselves in order to get attention. This makes them fall into self-criticism and hence back to the victim mentality.

Self-absorption behavior:

When you put too much emphasis on your own self because of rejection and abuse, it turns towards more anxiety and depression. When it becomes worse, people suffer from self-absorption and find it impossible to get out of it.

You cannot help anyone or your own self unless you become aware of the behavior that you have. Once you adjust your problems within, it becomes easier for you to change your toxic behavior.