Steve Jobs Tells Us 7 Ways to Make An Impact In The World

The man who brought poetry to the microchip, Steve Jobs will be remembered as a digital visionary. But before he was known as a legend, he was a person. His actions made him known to everyone but he actually started his life not as most of the children do. At birth, he was given for adoption and always remained thankful to his loving adoptive parents.

Steve Jobs was a sponge-brained teenager and learned quickly as compared to others. Although everyone cannot become Steve Jobs but there are certain lessons which he taught to achieve success in your life.

Following are the lessons that are being shared in his memory after seven years of his passing:

Do something that you love:

Steve Jobs always believed that you don’t need to learn something only because it will help you make good money. You can become an expert in doing what you love by being passionate about it. Steve Jobs never graduated from the college and dropped out because he got bored of the typical lessons and became fascinated by calligraphy which later on inspired him to come up with different fonts of Mac.

Not getting distracted:

Steve Jobs was laser sharp at his focus and it was limited to just the products he created. Jobs used to stare at people while talking to them without blinking. He always listened with an awkward silence and then proceed to answer in a fast-paced manner. His dedication and focus was the reason he used to persuade people most of the time. He used to work on limited projects so that he can give extra attention to the small details of the task at hand.

Keeping things simple:

Simplicity is something Steve Jobs always believed in and had the idea that it is very hard to master. Staying connected to things that are necessary was not just the idea behind Job’s simplicity; he went further into the topic. His focus was on creating products that were unique bother from functional and design point of view. According to Steve Jobs, a person should always be dedicated to find the simple solutions to problems without overcomplicating them.

Experimenting more:

Experimenting was an important part of Steve Job’s life and according to him there is always another side of a coin and you can’t remember when it wears off but you actually know it. He believed that experimenting is good and is a lot better than just making money.

Don’t care about what other people think:

There were times when Jobs believed that it is better not to care what other people think. He was no ashamed of putting his feet up on a table during meetings which showed how strong he was in his belief of not caring about other people’s opinions.

Love your family:

Jobs might seem a workaholic with his head always hidden under the debris of his projects. But he was always a family man and his relationship with his daughter was a proof of that. He was a completely different man with his family. He limited his kid’s access towards the electronic devices and was happy living in his small house.

More money is not equal to success:

Steve Jobs became a billionaire but he claimed that the money never motivated him. According to him the product, not the profits, were the motivation in his life. For him, success was more than just money because he has understood that all things come to an end. This is the reason he believed in driving Apple to search for the new ways to survive in the continuous changing world.

Written by Hisham Sarwar

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