Life throws tantrums, Do not give up – You have a chance – Jack Ma (Video included)

Jack Ma, the richest man in China and founder of Alibaba explains the importance of helping small businesses in every country. In his every key note all over the world, he always emphasises on working and improving every single day.

According to him, by helping small business grow, the country prospers and it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Talking about developing countries, Jack says, developing countries have to change if they want to be successful in the future. If they give up, they have no chance. Internet infrastructure is very important.

20 years ago if a country did not have electricity, it was hopeless. Today if a country does not have good internet infrastructure, its hopeless. Jack Ma

Emphasising on the importance of internet, Jack says helping entrepreneurs and raising education awareness in every country is very important if the world wants to benefit from 4th industrial revolution.

In China over 800 million people use mobile phone, this is opportunity for the world.

Watch the Video:

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