6 secrets of self-control to move in a right direction in life

Have you ever thought that if self-control is a matter of genetic luck or can it be taught? Recent researches indicate that though all humans are biologically prewired, nature is not as separable from nurture as it was once assumed. Psychologists have discovered that anyone can take control of the momentary temptations that can distract you from your long-term goals. It is because humans have the capacity to deal with their distractions by managing their self-control.

Following are the few strategies that can help to ensure your efforts to boost your willpower and can keep you headed in the right direction:

  • Meditation:

Your brain is actually a self-control machine. You need to meditate and turn it into an active one and it will help to improve your emotional intelligence. Just committing five minutes a day focus on your breathing and your senses can make you more self-aware and give your brain the ability to resist the destructive impulses.

  • Eating healthy:

When it comes to self-control, it becomes hard to control yourself from the sugary food. But the sugary food spikes your sugar for a short period of time and leaves you exhausted afterwards. Therefore, if you have trouble keeping yourself away from unhealthy food, then you better opt for something healthy. Healthy food in the form of dry fruit or fresh fruit will give you much more energy and will help you stay fit.

  • Working-out:

Doing exercise can help you a lot to keep your impulses under control. Working out for even 10 minutes can help your body to release GABA. It is a neurotransmitter that makes your brain feel relaxed and keeps you in control.

  • Having enough sleep:

Without glucose, your brain cell’s ability is highly diminished when you are tired. And without sleep, you are more likely to crave for sugary snacks in order to compensate the low glucose levels. Therefore, it is very important to sleep enough to have self-control over your eating. Keeping your temptations under control can be done best when you are having enough sleep.

  • Wait:

When you feel high on a temptation then it is always advised by the experts to wait at least ten minutes before succumbing it. It is because when a stronger wave of temptation subsides, you feel much stronger to bring it under control.

  • Learn to forgive:

Commonly when you are trying to control yourself from getting engaged in temptations, you feel disgusted and hate yourself for not becoming successful every time. Do not hate yourself if you fail in the first few attempts because every time you will improve. Once you keep on practicing, you will be able to become more self-controlled. So, forgive yourself for the mistakes you have committed because they helped you to move forward.

It is not just enough to know these strategies, it is important that you put them to work. With constant effort, you can improve upon these habits and benefit for the lifetime.

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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