6 rules that can help you make choices that will create abundance and prosperity in life

Living a professional as well as personal life, individuals face an apparently unpalatable choice between the simplicity they crave and the complicated solutions that seem crucial. The tradeoff is not correct, because for many of the most important activities and decisions, simple rules are considered not only desirable but also effective than most of the complicated solutions. In a complex world, it does seem hard to live life by simple rules but it is possible. Such a way of living is possible every day and it enables you to make quick, reasonably accurate decisions that require less effort than more complicated approaches.

Living life with simple rules keeps your willpower strong because you don’t deplete it hemming and hawing over decisions that can be made quickly. Following are the few rules that can help you make choices that will create abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life:

Do not worry about things outside your control:

The uncertainty of an unexpected future causes pain and disillusionment and this usually happens when you worry about things that are outside your control. It may often seem that things are not going as you had expected. But if you allow things to happen, even the catastrophic circumstances will get fixed and will give birth to a new beginning. If you let go of the control, many of your problems will pass away.

Don’t take everything very seriously:

When you think that life owes you something, you start living with the expectations that others have from you. These are the things that might not actually be taking place in your life. You need to convey whatever you want to experience through your opinion. Allow life to take where you are destined to go and stop struggling, you will end up in a better place than you yourself are trying for.

Know who you are:

For living life at its best with simple rules, you need to know who you are. Beyond your character traits, you must be aware of your habits, strengths, and weaknesses. Pay attention to improving upon your strengths and working on the areas of life where you are weak.

Be compassionate and kind:

Use your strengths in your life to help those who experience difficulties. Be kind and compassionate to others as it will direct your mind to be more empathetic. It will make you more emotionally intelligent and you will start treating others as you want to be treated yourself.

Become friends with fear and anger:

Many people have fear and hold anger which makes them unhappy in their everyday life. You cannot live a good life while holding coal in one hand and a flower in the other. It will divert all your attention towards the pain that is being caused by the burning coal. Therefore let go of the anger and don’t let opportunities go to waste because of your fear. Make peace with anger and fear, accept your emotions, and move forward.

Love yourself:

In many tough situations, you find it easy to criticize yourself. You blame yourself for the mistakes that happened and all the decisions that went wrong. But mistakes are a part of life and no one is exempted from them. If you treat yourself as a student, you will learn from those mistakes and will grow into a much wiser person. Love yourself for who you are and don’t keep conditions for it.