Singapore’s Top 10 richest people

Ever wanted to know about the ever growing economy of Singapore. Who is in game progressive business, who is the richest?

Here, we take a look at the Singapore’s top 10 richest people. Interestingly, Facebook co-founder ranks at number 2. The lists suggests, real estate is a hot cake in Singapore.

 10#10Choo Chong Ngen$2.6 B65Hotels
 9#9Raj Kumar & Kishin RK$2.7 B64Real Estate
 8#8Richard Chandler$3.15 B59Investments
 7#7Kwee family$5.4 BReal Estate
 6#6Wee Cho Yaw$6.4 B89Banking
 5#5Khoo family$6.7 B58Maybank
 4#4Kwek Leng Beng$7.6 B77Real estate
 3#3Goh Cheng Liang$8.5 B91Paints
 2#2Eduardo Saverin$11.8 B36Facebook
 1#1Robert & Philip Ng$11.9 BReal estate

Via: Forbes