5 Reasons why you suffer from lack of motivation

Motivation is an inner drive, it powers you to take action and complete your goals. Some people lack motivation sometimes and fail to reach their full potential. A lack of motivation is a difficult problem because there are numerous factors contributing to it. But when people get involved in overindulgence, it only makes the problem worse. In order to understand why you are having lack of motivation, you need to pinpoint what are the reasons. Then you will be able to trick yourself into getting it back.

Following are the few reasons to pay attention towards your lack of motivation:

When you feel you have taken too much work to complete:

When you have too many projects to work on, there is a possibility you will procrastinate. The numerous tasks make you believe that it is impossible to complete any of them and this starts to reduce your motivation. This happens because you don’t say “no” to things you don’t have time to complete. Taking on too much work just makes you uninterested in your work.

When you are afraid to ask for help:

There are so many tasks where you need someone to help you complete them. But because of the pride, you shy away from asking for help. By feeling that you cannot do it on your own and also cannot ask anyone to do it for you, you start to lose your motivation. Completing a goal all by you is not a wise thinking.

Believing that you won’t get the desired outcome:

Most of the people find it easier to set goals and achieve them. But what worries them the most is that what will happen after reaching the desired goals. The anticipation of their inaccessible goals makes them lose their motivation.

Fear of how others will treat them:

Often there are people in a circle who do not like even when their own friends become successful. If you are sensitive to what will happen if you accomplished your goals and became successful, the concern of losing your friends may not allow you to stay motivated.

Having insecurities:

One of the important reasons for lack of motivation can be your insecurity. There might be some weak points of your own but instead of working on them to improve, you use that fault as a crutch to remain stuck. For example if you are a creative writer but have speech impediment, then it may stop you from writing something really good. As you would fear that if you were to be interviewed, you speech impediment will become visible in front of people.