SnapChat finally partners with its biggest rival Facebook

World has seen strange businesses joining hands, Facebook and Snapchat are one of the arch rivals when it comes to social networking dominance. Facebook has copied many Snapchat’s features on its platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram but the recent move by Snapchat comes as a huge surprise.

It seems like, recently Snapchat has been struggling hard to grow its users base widely because all of its features are available on Facebook’s platform and people prefer using the world’s largest social media network. Snapchat in its recent move, allows sharing of its content (stories) to Facebook and Twitter.

Starting today, users of Snapchat will be able to share their stories on these social networks. Only the users with the latest Snapchat version will be able to avail this feature. This features war has taken a new shape because Snapchat has previously refused Facebook for an acquisition offer.