5 Books that can change your life

Every New Year always feels enormous with possibilities. The entire resolution list remains fresh in your mind for few days. We make plans to read more books and attain as much information as we can throughout the year but fail to turn our resolutions into a reality. It is no doubt that books can inspire ideas and ways of our thinking that have the power to transform our lives. Every day, most of us try to get as much done as possible and be happier. But because of the higher levels of burn out in our daily life, remain unable to make time for reading books.

For making efficiency and better self-care a part of our lives, books provide us science-backed information which is not possible to get otherwise easily. For performing better throughout the year, we need to take out time to read some of the books that provide us valuable information for attaining peak efficiency. Following is the list of those books:


Author: Dan Pink

This is an extremely interesting book that provides a practical advice on how we get more done faster. The author reveals how to best live, work, and succeed by valuing time and how to turn a stumbling beginning into a fresh start.

Into the Magic Shop:

Author: Dr. James Doty

This books explains that how we can fundamentally transform our lives by first changing our brain and heart. The author describes how our life can be beautiful by giving a meaning to the lives of other people. Cultivating compassion is helpful for our well-being and happiness.

The Gaslight Effect:

Author: Dr. Robin Stern

It is very often that we allow other people to bring us down. This is the time when we allow others to emotionally abuse and manipulate us. This is the kind of situation which is unrecognizable and impossible to break free from. The associate director at the Yale Center for emotional intelligence explains ways to help us understand and overcome all such kind of issues.

The Nature Fix:

Author: Florence Williams

For ages, authors have been focusing nature for writing their poems and stories. It is because everyone gets inspired by the peace in the natural world. This is a well-researched and fascinating book about the healing effects and mood-boosting impacts of the time that is spent in green places.

Real Love:

Author: Sharon Salzberg

There is no other better way to create deeper love relationships with friends, family, and life itself. This book provides a tool kit for mindfulness exercises that can help you engage with your present experience.

Post and Images via Business Insider