6 Productivity hacks for working from home

Working from home has become extremely common for many people. Technology has played a vital role in making it possible to communicate and stay connected from every place. An increasing number of jobs in the economy are being performed at home now. But even though people love to work from the comfort of their home, but there are some who point out towards the less probability of accomplishing the actual work. It makes a lot of difference when things cannot be getting done as planned. It usually happens because of the shining distractions while working at home.

If you do not plan properly, work from home can turn into a curse. Therefore, following are the productivity hacks that can be performed on a routine basis to enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Get to know your productivity hours:

The secret of working from home is to recognize the hours when you are most productive. If you cannot figure out when you are good at doing your work then ask yourself two questions:

When you have more energy to work and concentrate?

When there are fewer interruptions while you work?

Identify one to three periods of 90 minutes when your productivity is at its peak and schedule your work accordingly.

Learn keyboard shortcuts:

Learning keyboard shortcuts may not seem a lot attractive but these can save a lot of time and boost productivity. When you are writing on a routine basis, these shortcuts can improve efficiency and can prevent your arms from getting tired,

Set specific times for checking emails and social media:

Checking of social media accounts and emails can waste a lot of time. Therefore, set specific timings for checking your emails and social media accounts. Choose either to check first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or at the end of your day.

Two-minute rule:

Writing down tasks is good but if they take less than two minutes to complete, you should not waste time in even writing them. Complete them immediately and save your energy and attention for bigger tasks.

Flexible schedule:

When you are working from home, you can manage time by yourself. Do stick to the schedule you have created for work. But if you need to take a break for some reason, make a flexible schedule and put in more hours the other day.

Schedule meetings:

Meetings can sometimes prove as a waste of time. But scheduling proper meetings can be a quick way to solve your problems. Instead of wasting time in waiting for the reply of an email, schedule a meeting and discuss every issue in it.

Via: Entrepreneur

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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