5 Things you can do to become richer next year

Getting rich is a topic that sparks a heated debate. People think that getting rich is not easy; therefore, they do not feel encouraged on building their wealth. But getting rich is all about the small decisions that you take in life. It is about how you save your money, earn at the same time and keeping your expenses lower than what you earn. And getting rich is a slow process the simple steps taken today can help you in becoming wealthier in the coming years.

Following are the ways that can help you to earn a lot of money to fill up your bank account next year.

Setting up automatic savings:

If you are interested in saving your after-tax income, then you can set up 401(K) through your employer. In this way, you can connect multiple accounts to your direct deposit designating how much money will move into each account from every paycheck.

Ask for a raise or change jobs:

Your starting salary is something that you cannot rely upon your whole life, therefore, ask for a raise. Keep negotiating every few years or start a new job. This will make a huge difference to your savings.

High yields saving accounts:

A checking account is something that might stop you from adding up your wealth. Keep only one month’s salary in your checking account for your monthly expenses. Once done, keep three months’ worth of expenses in the emergency fund. After taking out the money for necessary means, allow your checking account to overflow on the benefit of compound interest.

Invest in the stock market:

People do not invest in the stock market because it is too risky. But the options of low-cost index and exchange-traded funds are great for acquiring money.

Buy a rental property:

Living in a rental property for long is an investment for which you do not earn any return. Therefore, it is best to buy a rental property; you can earn enough to cover the mortgage and other expenses.

Via: Business Insider