10 Tips To Design Awesome Logos

Designing a logo may seem simple enough in theory, but is it really? As a design company, clients are paying you to do more than draw a circle with a couple designs in it; with over 1 million design companies, and crowd sourcing options where you can save, how do you differentiate the many logo design companies?

Here are a few things to consider.

More with less

The use of the visual double entendre (basically putting 2 images in to one) has an appealing finish, and one that will be noticed by those who see it. Logos using this style seem to be clever and will remain in the viewer’s mind, and the viewer is more likely to remember and appreciate the intricacy.

Color is key

This shouldn’t be overlooked; the right color palette will do far more good for your business than you might believe. Whether it is grayscale to make something stand out, or stunning and vibrant color designs, you have to make the right choice; keep use of the logo in mind when selecting colors.

Don’t be cliche

Every so often design ideas will come out, and all logo designers will use them in their design; to succeed and have your design stick out, make sure you avoid the cliche, and create something stunning, and truly in its own class.


By making the logo something unique and different, it allows the company you are designing it for to truly take ownership of it; in turn, it takes on its own entity, and becomes something for that specific company.

Custom type

Custom lettering goes hand in hand with ownership and creative design – use it. Many logos are famous for custom lettering alone, so take advantage of this unique feature.

KISS – “Keep it simple stupid”

Is a key phrase many in the marketing industry use; not all designers are the next Picasso, so simplicity can go a long way. Simple designs like the Apple logo, or the Nike swoosh are memorable because of simplicity, while taking a small tweak, and making it something special.

Proportion & symmetry

The logo has to fit; symmetry and proportion are key to a successful logo, so make sure this is taken in to account when selecting a designer for your logo.

Blank Space

Use it. In logos like the FedEx logo, the hidden arrow take up blank space, and many others out there have similar features. This not only adds to the depth of the logo, but also gives it the uniqueness your company is looking for.

Passive or active?

Giving logos a sense of motion can help them stand out as well, one well documented example is the Twitter bird logo. A small sense of motion, creates an entirely new design and character for the logo.


Make sure your logos tell a story. The FedEx logo may seem simple, but the hidden arrow indicates forward motion. Apple, Twitter, and so many other big companies do the same; make sure your logo stands, out, and has an empowering meaning.

Logo design is key for any business, these are some of the factors to keep in mind when considering design, and working with a logo design team for your company’s logo.