LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Jack Ma Agree: You Need This 1 Rare Skill to Be Successful in Life

The feeling that arises in witnessing another person’s suffering and motivates to help that person is known as compassion. This is an effective response appropriate to someone else’s situation rather than your own. This is the kind of emotion that gets easily brushed off in the modern society but the empirical data supports that compassion is a clear antidote for loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

According to experts, compassion is good for health as it helps you to live longer. Connecting with others in a meaningful manner can help us to attain better mental health, improved physical health, and a faster way to recover from diseases.

Agreeing on one point:

Jack Ma, The Dalai Lama, and Jeff Weiner all agree that compassion is a set of practice that enriches the lives of individuals, help to build better organizations, and create a more peaceful world.

Jack Ma states that success can be attained with the help of LQ i.e. love quotient. This measures success not by worth, but by the ability of compassion to others. For him becoming money machine is of no use but what matters is the contribution to the rest of the world.

Also, according to Dalai Lama, the practice of compassion is something sacred. Warm-heartedness reduces your blood pressure, anxiety, and stress in a much more appropriate manner. He explains for example that if while walking on a train, you come across a person who has been crushed by a boulder. Assumingly your reaction would be the feeling of suffocation he must be feeling or being unable to help. But a compassionate reaction would be to feel the excruciating pain he would be feeling in his body. So you will do everything to help him out and ease his pain. This feeling of compassion is something invaluable when it comes in relation to others.

People are becoming more and more of this feeling as according to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner it is better to go from this world as a compassionate person and being able to confront the troubles of people without being burdened by their weight. The better lifestyle to adopt is to live with compassion instead of empathy.

Via: Inc